by Lori Moore

Why Shop at Farmers’ Markets?

Freshness, nutrition and taste
Farmers market produce is picked at the peak of its ripeness, so you can be sure of maximum nutritional value and optimal flavour. Stock up on in-season fruits and vegetables from the farmers market in the summer months and freeze for use during the colder months.

Seasonal Variety
Small farmers typically plant several varieties of the same fruit or vegetable, so when you shop the farmers market, you’ll often have a choice of several varieties of produce, like golden, red or candy cane beets, orange or rainbow carrots, or purple, white or pink radishes.

Spray-free and conscious farming practices
When you shop at the farmers market you can get to know your farmers and ask them about their growing practices, and chances are you’ll learn that most of the farmers are using non-GMO seeds, rotating their crops and engaging in practices to maximize retention of nutrients in the soil. Healthy soil means less need for chemicals.

Better for the environment
Farmer’s market vendors grow and sell locally, significantly reducing fossil fuels and the carbon footprint. Additionally, small farms are typically processing their crops manually, not with the large industrial machines that are used in factory farms.

Community building
Farmers markets are a wonderful place to socialize, get to know neighbours and meet local farmers and vendors.