Frequently Asked


Customer questions

1. I’ve just moved to Nova Scotia. Are there any farmers’ markets in my community?

There are farmers’ markets all over Nova Scotia, selling fresh local produce, unique crafts and hand prepared foods. To locate your closest authentic farmers’ market please visit our farmers’ market directory.

2. How can I tell that I am shopping at an authentic farmers’ market?

At Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia, all of our member markets are certified farmers’ markets. To find a certified farmers’ market in your area, visit our farmers’ market directory using the Certified Farmers’ Market option. What is a certified farmers’ market? See below:

3. How can I be sure that the vegetables sold at my local farmers’ market are really local?

Certified farmers’ markets are the #1 location for local, fresh, seasonal produce. To find certified farmers’ markets in your area, visit our farmers’ market directory using the Certified Farmers’ Market option.

The wonderful thing about buying direct from the producer is that you can ask what is local and what isn’t to guarantee a truly local shopping basket!

4. Where can I buy farmers’ market products online?

Many farmers’ markets in Nova Scotia now have online stores where you can place an order in advance for pick-up or delivery in your community. To find a farmers’ market near you that has an online store, visit our market map. You can also purchase Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia merchandise from our online shop.

5. I work on Saturdays; are any farmers’ markets open on other days of the week?

Absolutely! Many of our member markets are open on days other than Saturdays and some are open more than one day a week. To find out which farmers’ markets are closest to you and their days and hours of operation, please visit our farmers’ market directory.

6. Are all of the foods sold at farmers’ markets organic?

Not all of the food sold at farmers’ markets is certified organic, however a wide selection is. Farmers’ markets commonly have a wider selection of higher quality organic products than grocery stores. Please visit your local farmers’ market and ask vendors if their products are certified organic (they will have a certificate if they are).

7. I’m looking for Halal/Kosher/Organic/Gluten-free products. Can I find them at Nova Scotia farmers’ markets?

Yes you can! Contact your local farmers’ market for more information or ask vendors directly. The joy of shopping at farmers’ markets is being able to communicate directly with the people who produce your food.

Farmers’ Market questions

1. Can our farmers’ market join FMNS?

We welcome new members to our cooperative, requiring all members to meet our membership policy. This policy ensures that we stay true to our mandate of supporting authentic farmers’ markets. Take a look at the membership section of our policy document, as well as our Become A Member page, and contact us.

2. What services does Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia offer to its members?

At FMNS, we work to support and create farmers’ markets that grow and thrive. We are committed to providing the best possible services to help markets better manage, develop and promote their market. For a summary of specific members benefits, please visit Become A Member.

3. How much does it cost to join FMNS?

Membership dues are paid annually and are based on the number of vendors at your market and the length of your market season. Take a look at our fee chart to find the exact cost to your market. In addition, all members must buy a $10 share in the FMNS Cooperative when becoming a member. Please contact us for further information.

4. How can I start a farmers’ market in my community?

FMNS has vast experience helping communities in Nova Scotia to create and grow thriving farmers’ markets. We offer a special membership rate of just $250 to markets in their first operating year. Once your emerging market is a member, you – and your vendors – have full access to FMNS training, resources, support and services. We do offer consultancy services into the economic and community viability of farmers’ markets. Please contact us for more information.

Vendor questions

1. I am a vendor at a farmers’ market that isn’t a member of FMNS. Can our market join FMNS?

We welcome new members to our cooperative but require potential members to meet our Membership Criteria. This criteria ensures that we stay true to our mandate of supporting authentic farmers’ markets. Take a look at our Membership Criteria and please do contact us!

2. I am a local producer. How can I sell my products at a local farmers’ market?

To book a table, please contact your local farmers’ market directly. To find out about farmers’ markets in your area, their size, hours of operation, and contact information, visit our farmers’ market directory. Many farmers’ markets are fully booked at certain times of the year or may have an excess of some products. Contact your preferred market well in advance to avoid disappointment.

3. How much does it cost to have a table at my local farmers’ market?

Each farmers’ market has a different pricing system depending on the number of services they provide (such as wash stations, electrical outlets, and storage) and the number of customers they attract. Contact those farmers’ markets that interest you directly to ask about pricing. Click here to find a farmers’ market.

4. I am a farmer/artisan from another province. Can I sell my products at farmers’ markets in Nova Scotia?

Most Nova Scotia farmers’ markets have strict criteria about where vendors’ products come from. Exceptions may be made in the case of extremely unique products. For more information you should contact your local farmers’ market directly. Click here to find a farmers’ market.

Community questions

1. We are organizing a local food event. Can FMNS help us to promote it?

If there is a connection to farmers’ markets in Nova Scotia we’d be happy to share information about your event via our social media networks. Please send us a concise and ready-to-go note with the time, date, location and any costs stated clearly. Contact us here.

2. Can our organization hold an event/promote our activities at our local farmers’ market?

Most of our member markets have community tables that can be booked, often free of charge, given sufficient advance notice. Please contact your local farmers’ market for more information.

3. How can I find events and activities at farmers’ markets?

There are many ways that you can keep in touch with your local farmers’ market:

  • Find your local farmers’ market online. From Facebook to Twitter to e-newsletters, many NS farmers’ markets have created multiple ways to keep in touch with you. Find your local farmers’ market, and their contact information, here.
  • Sign up for The Basket – our monthly email newsletter for market shoppers across Nova Scotia. Our newsletter provides you with information about events and special promotions happening at farmers’ markets across the province, as well as seasonal recipes, new market products, and much more.
4. We’d like to have a tour of a farmers’ market. Who should we contact?

Farmers’ markets are open to everyone! Feel free to drop by during opening hours. In addition, if you want to learn more about the history and culture of your local farmers’ market, some of our member markets offer either free or paid tours at certain times of the year. Call your local market for more information.