Glowing Comments from Participants

Business Excellence Skills for Farmers’ Market Vendors

  • We must now be role models within our markets.”
  • Michelle [Wolf, our instructor] is a catalyst!”
  • The sky’s the limit as they say and Michele’s excellent information, ideas, and presentation style have been crucial in the professionalizing of my business.”
  • Just back from my Business Excellence Skills for Farmers’ Market Vendors course, another great day! Really enjoying the course…so much so that I’m disappointed that next week is the last week! My fellow Farmers’ Markets of Nova Scotia vendors, I hope that you will sign up for this when it is available for you – it really is excellent and you learn a LOT!”
  • “For me I needed to explore options for promoting my “Local Food Creation” and working with with the Farmers Market was the way to go. Not only did it provide a place to sell my Dressings, but FMNS provided ongoing support and training in marketing that turned out to be crucial for my product. It has been an exciting journey for me. First selling my Dressings at the market and now over the course of a two year journey they are in stores. Thank you FMNS, Gary Kent of Vincent Dressings”
  • “We have benefited from being members of Farmers’ Market of Nova Scotia Markets and have taken advantage of the training offered for vendors.  Because of the specific Farmers’ Market Vendor Training we received, we were able to bring our farm business to the next level because we were able to work on a focused vision, clarity of purpose and directed goal-setting which has helped in all aspects of our business.  Because of our training, we are able to work better together as a team, have more confidence in our work and see our bottom line improving!” – Ann Huntley

Market Management Training

  • “Very informative and applicable to my market day-to-day and strategic needs.”
  • “The materials are well chosen and will become a resource I return to again and again.”
  • “Such a great wealth of information. I can’t think of anything missing.”
  • “Our instructor was exceptional. Her style was clear and she was approachable. She connected wonderfully with us.”
  • “FMNS has been extremely valuable for me in its market manager training course and networking. The training course introduced me to what my position really is while giving me the skills and confidence to accomplish it. The networking with other markets, market managers and organizers has allowed sharing of ideas and experiences, and most importantly gets you out of your bubble. Having our umbrella cooperative helps each market in knowing their is someone they can reach out to.” – Ashley Marlin