A Training Primer For New Market Managers (Video Training, Download)


New to the wild and wonderful world of farmers’ market management? We’ve got you covered with our one-hour training video and bonus 7 ready-to-use resources and tools. Inspiring and invaluable!

New to the wild and wonderful world of farmers' market management? We've got you covered. Pour yourself a cup of tea, grab a notebook and settle in to this invaluable - and inspiring - one-hour recorded training.

In addition to the training video, you will receive 7 tools to help you in your new role. From first day checklists to lessons learned from an experienced Market Manager, it starts right here.

And don't worry, you can refer back to the recording, and the resources, as often as you'd like!

Lastly, let us suggest our #1 resource and reference tool, The Market Manager’s Handbook: A Guide for Growing Great Markets, as your next step. This handbook will become your go-to resource as you dig in to your role as a Market Manager or organizer.


  • What is a farmers' market?
  • Why people love farmers' markets...
  • Your role
  • Qualities of a great market manager
  • Board & staff relations
  • Vendors, including recruitment and much more
  • Logistics - from market layout and customer seating to the all-too-common struggle of parking, plus the details of market day
  • Financial viability, understanding farmers' markets as "businesses" and thinking like an (inspired!) entrepreneur
  • Marketing your farmers' market
  • Events and the real reasons to host 'em
  • Management skills
Written and presented by an award-winning farmers' market manager and expert in our sector.