Vendor Management: How To Recruit, Welcome, Orient & Retain Vendors To Your Farmers’ Market (e-copy)


As a farmers’ market manager, organizer or board member, your primary customers are your vendors. Attracting and maintaining enough vendors, and the right vendor mix, is key to the success of a farmers’ market.

But how do you build a thriving vendor base?

We created this resource to help address common questions and concerns around working with vendors – from recruitment best practices and courting new vendors, to tips on welcoming and retaining entrepreneurs at your farmers’ market.

This resource also provides insight on one of the most frequently misunderstood concepts in vendor management – competition.

Preparing For Recruitment

  • Customer Counts
  • Sales Data
  • Vendor Criteria
  • Recruitment Kit
  • Product Mix
  • Space Allocation Charts
  • Customer Surveys


  • Finding Potential Vendors
  • Meeting Vendor Prospects
  • Alternate Vendor Arrangements


  • Orientation Resources

Welcoming New Vendors

  • How to Provide a Warm Welcome

Retaining Vendors

  • Customer Service For Vendors
  • Communication
  • Environment
  • Checking In
  • Setting Expectations

Competition & Exclusivity

  • Exclusivity
  • Understanding Competition
  • Incorrect Market Mix

- Vendor Sales Survey
- Customer Survey
- Suggested Rules, Policies & Procedures
- Vendor Concern Form
- Food Vending Checklist
- Market Day Packing List
- Code of Conduct Example