1. Support your neighbours

When you buy local, you money stays in your community! Shopping at a farmers’ market allows you to have a say in where you want to put your money. By making the choice to keep it  it in the hands of your neighbours, you support your local community rather than big box stores or online

2. Meet and get to know your farmers and producers

One of the biggest advantages to shopping at a farmers’ market is being able to meet the people who make your food! Not only are you able to learn about how your food is produced, it can be a wonderful feeling to develop relationships with the people who help to nourish you and your family. Talking to your producers can help you learn new recipes and cooking ideas too, while staying in the know of what new products are
coming into season!

3. Get unique, seasonal produce

Grocery stores are often filled with the same items year round, so it can be hard to feel inspired when you experience the same choices for 12 months of the year. At a farmers’ market, you’ll discover produce you may have never seen before – always fresh and in season! Sunchokes? Garlic scapes? Young ginger? Let these ingredients inspire you and get you excited about cooking!


4. Support artisans

Farmers’ markets aren’t just a great destination for food and drink, they’re also a one stop shop for all of your handmade craft and gift giving needs! Mass produced items often aren’t made to last. Choose to support makers who create their products with care and quality. Buying from an artisan means your item will be unique, too!


5. Support small business owners

Farmers’ markets are small business incubators with over 1500 vendors across the province, and growing! New businesses and entrepreneurs often choose markets as a place to start because of the ability to engage with the community, test our their product in an affordable space, and connect directly with
their target market. There are many local business success stories that have started out
in a Nova Scotian farmers’ market!


6. Get a delicious meal

Eat in or take it to go. All of our farmers’ markets feature fantastic prepared food producers. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, even dinner! Farmers’ markets have all of these delicious offerings that will quickly become your favourite meal out.


7. Connect with the local community

Many shoppers find their weekly farmers’ market visit to be much more than a shopping trip. It can be a great social gathering, or a lively place to visit with friends. Farmers’ markets are bustling social and cultural hubs, making them a great place to connect with local community and feel the unique culture that makes each and every farmers’ market special.


8. Make your groceries more environmentally friendly

When you shop local, your food doesn’t travel great distances to get to you, which reduces pollution. You have the choice to shop from producers who use organic methods or ingredients, or who reduce waste by composting and using plastic free packaging.


9. It makes the perfect day trip or foodie adventure!

Explore a new part of the province and see what the region has to offer by meeting and connecting with the locals! There’s no better expression of a region’s unique abundance than a farmers’ market. Find your next market with our map by clicking here.