Halloween is just around the corner, and while Covid may throw the best laid plans a curveball, you can always show your friends and family your costume over Zoom while you munch on an entire box of Halloween candy. We’ve rounded up the best farmers’ market-inspired costumes that we could find, because when else do you get to dress up like your favourite vegetable?

Couples Costumes

We all love a good couples costume, and this pair took it to the next level by including their dog as a John Deere tractor. Add a couple of crows or a baby corn on the cob, and this costume could include the whole family!

Find the tutorial for the baby cob of corn and clever crow costumes here.

This bacon & egg costume makes the perfect pairing. Get the detailed instructions for sewing the fried egg here, and bacon here.

Family Costumes

Get the kids involved and dress them up as their favourite vegetable, and go as a whole family of farmers’ market veg! Mom’s asparagus costume is especially rad.

This packet of seeds and flower costume is too cute, we’re imagining it customized with your favourite blooms, and who doesn’t love a BLT sandwich (though we’ve got to say, that little tomato is our fav).Find the instructions for both of these costumes from Parents.com here.

Another take on the BLT, with a very pouffy head of lettuce. See the tutorial from Primary here.

The Littles

Two different takes on a carrot costume, both with adorable results! Find the instructions here. Team up with some pals, and you could dress up as a bunch of carrots! So fun.



This bumblebee is a sweet and easy costume on it’s own, or pair it with a flower costume for a cute combo! Find the tutorial from Woodlark here.

Dress up like your sweetie like their favourite farmers’ market treat this Halloween! Hopefully you didn’t declutter all of your old lampshade during the pandemic, because this cupcake costume liner is the best use for a dated lampshades.Find the full tutorial here. Also, how fun are the sprinkles on that donut?! Studio DIY explains how to make this costume here.


Standalone Costumes

The yellow rubber cleaning gloves for  feet on this chicken costume are brilliant! Get the DIY instructions here. Turn this into a couples, family or pals costume by adding a rooster, some chicks or perhaps even an egg or two!


Be a veggie superhero, dress as your favourite cole crop! Captain Kale to the rescue – here’s how. The Relish Blog walks you through this broccoli and other adorable food costumes for kids here. Whatever you choose to do this Halloween, we hope it is a safe and fun holiday! See the Nova Scotia Government’s Guidance for Trick-or-Treating and Halloween Gatherings here. Remember that Halloween falls on a Saturday, as do many of our farmers’ markets, don’t be scared to show up in your costume!