Many people view their local farmers’ market as the place to get the freshest produce and beautiful, unique food. Did you know farmers’ markets across the province have a wide range of artisan and handmade goods as well? It’s true! This year more than ever, buying local, handmade gifts is a great choice to make. Here are a few reasons why…

  • Support your local economy – Choose to put your money in the hands of your neighbours this holiday season.
  • Uniqueness guaranteed – Get an original or one of a kind item rather than something mass produced.
  • Meet the maker – it’s a gift in itself to be able to learn about the product from the people who make it
  • Quality – Choose to support makers who create their products with care and consideration.
  • It’s easier than ever! Handmade products are easy to find at your farmers’ market, and not just around the holidays. 

Check out some of our wearable gift ideas for everyone on your list! Click here to find a farmers’ market near you to shop locally this year.

These beautiful handwoven scarves come in a variety of colours and patterns! These are made by Wonderous Woolerie at Wolfville Farmers’ Market.


Locally made undies? Yes please! These screen-printed undies are made by Poison Pear available at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market.


Who doesn’t love a new pair of mittens? These delightful mittens by Wool a Fibers are available at the Avon Community Farmers’ Market.


Step up your sock game with these bright and joyful handmade socks from Socks Made on 88 at the Halifax Brewery Farmers’ Market.


You can find all sorts of handmade sewn goodies at the market, likes this fabulous tote bag from Gale’s Home Sewing at the Truro Farmers’ Market.


Keep your ears stylish this winter with these colourful headbands by Galaxy Knitting Co. at the Kentville Farmers’ Market.


How sweet is this knitted baby sweater set? Handcrafted By Melissa from the New Glasgow Farmers’ Market has you covered for charming knit items!


Get cozy this winter with these sheepskin slippers from Lismore Sheep Farm at the Halifax Seaport, Lunenburg, New Glasgow Farmers’ Markets.


Imagine receiving a gorgeous handmade hat as a gift from a loved one? What a unique and special gift! This hat is made by The Hat Junkie at the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market.

Have a love of handmade leather creations on your list? Check out this fine craft made by Tabitha & Co at the Halifax Seaport and New Glasgow Farmers’ Markets.

Don’t see anything you like? Pick up a gift-card to a Nova Scotian Farmers’ Market to provide a goodie-filled shopping experience! Find and contact a market near you by clicking here.