This long curly vegetable is sure to grab anyone’s attention at the farmers’ market! Garlic scapes will add some vibrancy to your summer dishes with their beautiful gradient from chartreuse to forrest green. The flower bud of the garlic plant grows straight and then coils, giving garlic scapes their signature wiggly shape.They are harvested in late Spring and early Summer to allow all the plant’s energy to go into producing garlic bulbs. The flavour is mild and sweet, and similar to chives or green onions.

Here are some great ways to use (and fall in love with) garlic scapes!


1. Pickle them!

Enjoy all year long! See this Pickled Garlic Scapes recipe by Hillsbourough Homesteading.


2. Pesto

Perfect for pasta, sandwiches, pizza, and more! This recipe from Nutmeg Nanny couldn’t be more vibrant!


3. Wrap them in bacon

Bacon wrapped asparagus is so last year! Get with the time with this tasty appetizer recipe by Cold Garden. 


4. Make them into gazpacho

Green up your gazpacho! This recipe from Veggie Obsession is perfectly refreshing for summer.


5. Add to blue cheese dressing

How does one make blue cheese dressing even more addicting? Add garlic scapes! Try this recipe from Food 52.



6. Make them into tempura

Perfect for entertaining or for a stay-at-home date idea. This is another delicious scape recipe from Food 52.


7. Grill them

Who knew scapes made the prettiest skewers? Throw these on the grill and be sure to impress! This grilled scape recipe is by Simple Seasonal.


8. Make into compound butter




























Now we’re talking! Slather on corn, warm biscuits, grilled veg and meat… the list goes on and on. Try this Garlic Scape Butter recipe.


9. Make into flavoured sea salt

Makes for the perfect foodie gift! Get this recipe by Gutsy by Nature.


10. Flavour fresh pasta

If you’re craving a good session in the kitchen, as well as a big comforting bowl of fresh pasta, this recipe by O&O Eats is for you!