Many people view their local farmers’ market as the place to get the freshest produce and beautiful, unique food. Did you know farmers’ markets across the province have a wide range of artisan and handmade goods as well? It’s true! This year more than ever, buying local, handmade gifts is a great choice to make. Here are a few reasons why…

  • Support your local economy – Choose to put your money in the hands of your neighbours this holiday season.
  • Uniqueness guaranteed – Get an original or one of a kind item rather than something mass produced.
  • Meet the maker – iI’s a gift in itself to be able to learn about the product from the people who make it
  • Quality – Choose to support makers who create their products with care and consideration.
  • It’s easier than ever! Handmade products are easy to find at your farmers’ market, and not just around the holidays. 

Check out our gift ideas for the best local stocking stuffers ever! Click here to find a farmers’ market near you to shop locally this year.

We can’t say it enough, spending so much time at home is made infinitely better by having a candle lit. Choose the candle to suit the size of the stocking, tealights and small handmade birthday candles make great stocking stuffers for kids. Lightsy Candles are vendors at the Truro Farmers’ Market, and you’ll find Blue Hive Bees birthday candles at the Lunenburg Farmers’ Market.

Craft kits are fun for kids and kids at heart, and a great creative activity to work on over the holidays. These rainbow weaving looms are made by The Happiness Field, vendors at the Halifax Brewery Market, or check out their online shop.

There are so many incredible fancy food products available at farmers’ markets, and it’s fun to include something the recipient might not treat themselves to. Blackbird Hollow (formerly known as Hobo Crow)’s has infused drinking vinegars known as ‘shrubs’ that elevate sparkling water to a mocktail, available at the Halifax Brewery Market.

Perhaps you’ve headed back to the office, and with the kids back in school, these reusable sandwich & mini snack bags will come in handy to keep lunches and snacks waste free. Made by Liss & Landi, you’ll fnd them in a variety of prints at the Antigonish Farmers’ Market.


Condiments and jams in a stocking? Some might think that is strange but it’s a favourite stocking stuffer, try it and you’ll see why! Jams and condiments can go straight from the stocking onto the Christmas breakfast table. You nearest farmers’ market is sure to have lots of options in all these categories, from traditional to completely unique, like this Black Pansy Jam from Moth + Moon, available at the Tatamagouche Farmers’ Market.

A tree ornament to add to the collection is always welcome, especially when it’s a year we’re all going to spend lots of time at home in front of the tree! These needle felted vintage red trucks complete with Christmas trees are an adorable addition to a stocking. Made by Little Acorns, you’ll find them at the New Glasgow Farmers’ Market.

Handmade soap is one of the most appreciated stocking stuffers, and hot tip, if you gift it to everyone in your household, you’ll be lathering up with beautiful smelling soap at every sink in the house for months to come. Earth Elementals offers a beautiful selection of soaps, you’ll find them at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market.

Treat your face to handmade luxury facial care products! Robertson’s Farm & Apothecary makes an incredible range of skincare products, including a beautiful gift package that includes an oil based cleanser paired with a handwoven facecloth from Wonderous Woolerie, all wrapped up in a pouch made with fabric designed by Briana Corr Scott. Available at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market.

One thing pretty much everyone can agree on in a stocking is that it must have chocolate. These cranberry walnut bars from Cabotto Chocolates are available at the Cape Breton Farmers’ Market.