After months of effort, FMNS has finally received word that “modified sampling” is now allowed at public markets. These rules will be enforced by Public Health Officers.
*Please note that FMNS does not make the rules, and that this is the first step in what will hopefully be an eventual return to allowing full sampling in the upcoming months.
In the meantime, effective immediately, farmers’ market vendors may begin offering “modified sampling” with the following conditions:
  • Vendors may provide individual, prepackaged samples for consumption in designated eating areas within the public market space, or offered to-go.
  • Alcohol samples are not allowed at this time.
  • Samples may only be made available by the vendor when requested.
  • Signage should be placed at vendor booths for vendors offering samples, as well as throughout your farmers’ market, to indicate where the samples can be consumed.
  • Customers must wear face masks at all times in indoor markets, and at outdoor markets where 2m/6ft physical distancing cannot be consistently maintained.
  • Customers may only remove their face masks when seated in designated eating areas on site when consuming food or beverage.
  • Customers may not remove their face masks at vendor booths and/or when walking throughout the public market.
These changes have been incorporated into the most recent version of FMNS’ farmers’ market sector-specific COVID-19 prevention plan, which you can access by clicking here.

We understand that “modified sampling” will not work for all vendors who have traditionally offered samples, but we believe this is a safe step in the right direction.
FMNS will continue to lobby for full sampling when it is safe to do so.